Movie: Hiroku - Defenders of Gaia

Produced by OEK.
Directed by Saul Barreto and Manual G. Mauricio.
Original Soundtrack by Raúl Capote.

Work: character animation; mocap and keyframing. 
3ds Max.

Movie: Jasper - Journey to the End of the World

Toons'n'Tales Filmproduktion
Hamburg, Germany

Work: Character animation

Game: Tigre 1797

Carlos Miranda

Work: character animation

Movie: El Secreto de Aguaviva

Animados Film.
Work: inbetweening

Spot: La Caja de Canarias

Meidei Studio - La Caja de Canarias

Animation pose to pose without refining. 
Liked it to the client and he took us out of our hands. In advertising time does not exist.

Work: character animationCinema 4D.

Spot: Canarias7

Client: Meidei Studio - Canarias7
Work: character animation

Serie: Tom

UER / Cromosoma / Norma
Based on Daniel Torres books

Work: inbetweening, facial animation and lypsinc
Pencial & paper; 2D traditional animation.

Tom en Sicilia (

Serie: Balas perdidas

Animados Film.
Work: effect animation, lights & shadows.
Toon Boom Studio, 2D traditional animation.

Movie: Peter the Scarecrow

Diretor: Javier GranadosWork: Colorist, inbetweening